EMF Measuring System for Automotive Standards

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The measurement of ElectroMagnetic Fields for human exposure is becoming increasingly important, especially with the introduction of electric vehicles and increase of electronics devices inside. These measurements are essential to assure safety against human exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF).



Compliance with automotive standards


Real Time Simultaneous Measurements


Simplified Setup


Multiple Probes system measurement


Magnetic field Measurement


Data export



SMP3 Streamer is a real-time electromagnetic field measuring system according to newer automotive test requirements about human exposure to electromagnetic fields, like GB/T 37130, MBN 10284-2, TSC 7048G and many others.


Compliance with automotive standards


The current setup perfectly complies with latest automotive standards

EC 62764-1
GB/T 37130
MBN 10284-2
TSC 7048G
FMC 1278
STD 515-0003
JASO TP-13002
GS 95002
TL 81000
And many more

SMP3-Streamer features

  • Simplified Setup: The SMP3 Streamer system does not require any additional hardware or test equipment, offering a simplified test setup for both full vehicle and components testing. Maximum flexibility and usability for the test operators.

  • Magnetic field Measurement The SMP3 Streamer is used for measuring Magnetic field from 1 Hz to 400 kHz in the time and frequency domain with real-time FFT results. The data can be analyzed and saved to a PC without the need of an external acquisition card.

  • Real Time Simultaneous Measurements:Time and frequency domain measurements can be done simultaneously with independently selectable limits for both measurements. Results are shown in real time during measurements.

  • Speed: SMP3 with SMP3-Streamer option is an extremely fast test system due to simultaneous measurements for time and frequency domains, real-time results, fast speed communication and no need to communicate with external equipment.

  • Multiple Probes system measurement: Multiple device measurements can be done simultaneously. Up to 7 devices can be used to facilitate assessment of multiple points in a vehicle test at the same time, reducing test time dramatically.

  • Multi-Standard System: The SMP3 streamer system is a multi-standard measuring device. Operator can choose from pre-defined setups according to specific standards, or select any standard or limit from the available list. Customized frequency domain limits are also possible through a limit editor.

  • Compliance with automotive standards: he software is designed to comply with the latest automotive standards. It allows for measuring all aspects of the automotive vehicle including the car seats, electrical and electronic components in all operational modes. The software indicates FAIL/PASS during the measurement (real-time).

  • Data export: Measured data is exported to an excel type file with a summary of all test points and specific information for both time domain and frequency domain. All raw data is also available for post-processing.

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