EMF Personal Monitor

Electric and Magnetic Field Detection Isotropic sensors with RMS response

Weighted response to international standards ICNIRP, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC and Safety Code 6 (2015)


EXPOSIMETER WITH DATALOGGER Data collecting and Reporting

GPS AND ALTIMETER Geolocation of measurements

HUGE AUTONOMY More than one month using two rechargeable AA batteries

USB COMMUNICATION PORT Data downloading, set-up and battery charging

Data sheet



Personal safety and the creation of safe working conditions are our priorities.

With that aim, we have developed the WaveMon personal monitor to be always at your side, to ensure that you do not find yourself in situations of overexposure to electromagnetic fields.

We will warn you visually, acoustically and by vibration. We will keep track of your history of exposure, for later evaluation. So that you do not have to be concerned and you can concentrate on your work.



The WaveMon has a shaped (weighted) response to specific standards. This means that it is not a single "average shaping" trying to follow all standards at the same time. That approach will inevitable result in a lack of accuracy. It is a specific shaping, designed to follow the standard limit you need to apply, for increased accuracy. The current available models are for ICNIRP, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC and Safety Code 6 (2015).

If you need a WaveMon to specifically follow a different standard, please let us know.



The WaveMon is an exposimeter that have a datalogger for continuous data recording.

Communication with the device is through a USB port that allows you to parametrise the device and download the recorded data. This makes it easy to create reports and allows you to keep a record of your exposure data, for your safety.



The WaveMon is the only RF personal monitor equipped with a GPS and Altimeter for geolocation of measurements.

As an example, in a telecommunication tower, the GPS will provide the geographical position of the tower and the Altimeter the relative height from the ground. Thus, the WaveMon will record 'Exposure Level' together with 'Date', 'Time', 'Geographical Position' and 'Height' on the Tower, allowing you to perfectly locate the hotspots.


Power Management

Small and lightweight, runs on to rechargeable AA batteries, charged through the USB port.

Can also be used with standard AA batteries, so that you can always find replacements.

What could be easier? We want to make sure you are always protected.

Easy to wear

We have created an clip on holder that you can fasten to your harness, belt or arm, so that can take it in your hand and hold it close to a source of radiation, and then put it back easily.

You can also fasten it to a small carabiner to keep from dropping it.

Main features

  • According to the international standards on EMF safety.

  • E-field measurements up to 8 GHz and H-field measurements up to 1 GHz.

  • Isotropic sensors.

  • RMS detection.

  • Weighted response to ICNIRP, European Directive 2012/35/EU, FCC and Safety Code 6 (2015) for direct comparison with the regulatory limit.

  • High intensity audible, visible and vibratory alarms.

  • Optional GPS and Altimeter.

  • User-defined alarm threshold.

  • Datalogger for reporting and historical registry of data.

  • PC USB connection for data downloading and configuration.

  • Small and light.

  • Powered by two standard AA batteries, disposable or rechargeable through its USB port.

  • More than 200 hours autonomy.

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