Field Strength Meter for EMF exposure
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SMP2  Discontinued product
Field strength meter

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Broadband measurements DC - 60 GHz With RMS and isotropic field probes

Spectrum analysis DC - 400 kHz Real-time FFT

Weighted Peak Method (WPM) Real-time comparison in % with the selected limits

Assessments according to European Directive 2013/35/EU In accordance with international standards: ICNIRP, IEC, EN, IEEE, etc.

High performance GPS Integrated in the instrument

USB and Fiber Optic Communication PC software included

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SMP2 spectrum analysis

3-in-1 Field Meter

The only device that offers genuine 3-in-1 functionalities: broadband measurements (DC to 60 GHz), frequency spectrum analysis (DC to 400 kHz) and static field measurements.

The SMP2 field meter provides the most advanced features and technology on the market, designed for users who need high-quality measurements, ease of use and good reporting tools.


European directive 2013/35/EU


Protection for workers against exposure to electromagnetic fields. Compliance with EN standards.

Download Directive

Safety Code 6


American and Canadian regulations for human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Safety Code 6 OET Bulletin 65



International standards and recommendations for the assessment of electromagnetic exposure.

SMP2 Field Meter features

  • 3-in-1 Field Meter: spectrum analysis (DC – 400 kHz), broadband (DC - 60 GHz) and static field measurements.

  • Real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis using digital processing.

  • Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic and real time comparison with limits.

  • Special auto-gain function for peak detection (indispensable for procedures such as welding).

  • Display of results in RMS and peak values.

  • Function for time domain measurement of a specific frequency.

  • Automatic field probe recognition.

  • E&H field selection.

  • Total field value and value for each component (X, Y, Z).

  • Frequency SPAN selection.

  • High Pass Filters at 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 25 Hz and 100 Hz.

  • Max-hold function.

  • Display of maximum, minimum and average values.

  • Sliding window function according to standards.

  • Spatial average function.

  • Adjustable measurement time from 1s to 100 hours.

  • Programmable measurement to start at a given time.

  • Graphic display of broadband measurement changes over time.

  • Adjustable graph display from 1 s to 12 minutes.

  • Programmable alarm function.

  • USB and fibre optics connection.

  • Large storage capacity.

  • Screen-shot function for reporting.

  • PC software for control and reporting.

  • Results can be uploaded automatically to a web-page control centre.

  • Available in several languages.


SMP2 included accessories

‘SMP2 Reader’ PC software

‘SMP2 Reader’ PC software

SMP2 carrying case

SMP2 carrying case

USB Cable

AC/DC charger

AC/DC charger

SMP2 optional accessories

Software de PC SMP2 Reader

Non-reflective wooden tripod

Maleta de transporte del SMP2

Tripod extension

Probe support for tripod

Probe extension cable



Interfaz Fibra Óptica sMP2

Fiber optics interface

SMP2 protective pouch

SMP2 backpack

SMP2 backpack

Cargador de Cpara vehículo

Vehicle DC charger

W 208 margen

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