MonitEM funciones

Continuous EMF monitor

24/7 Monitoring Guaranteed autonomy with the “Smart Energy” function (AC + solar panel + battery)

Broadband measurements Up to 3 kHz in LF and 60 GHz in HF

IP 66 environmental protection Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Compliance with ITU-T K.83 Direct, easy and comprehensible comparison with regulated limits

Easy installation Accessories for easy installation in different surroundings

Control Centre Optional software for system management

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Compatible Field Probes


E & H (10 Hz – 3 kHz)
10 Hz - 3 kHz - E & H field
E (100 kHz - 60 GHz)
100 kHz - 3 GHz - E field
100 kHz - 6 GHz - E field
100 kHz - 8 GHz - E field
300 kHz - 18 GHz - E field
1 MHz - 40 GHz - E field
1 MHz - 60 GHz - E field
H (300 kHz – 1000 MHz)
300 kHz - 60 MHz - H field
300 kHz - 1000 MHz - H field
E (Mobile & WiFi)
Mobile frequency bands
WiFi bands


MonitEM monitoreo CEM producto

24/7 Monitoring

Our “Smart Energy” technology provides a combination of AC power with a battery and solar panel. Smart energy management allows uninterrupted, efficient and sustainable operation.

The built-in modem allows the remote wireless communication of the continuous EMF monitor with the Control Centre.

Solar panel


MonitEm_EMF Monitor

Easy installation

The EMF monitor is equipped with accessories to make installation easy almost anywhere.

The basic criteria for installation are:

  • Monitoring a specific transmitter: installation near the antenna, if possible, within the direction of maximum radiation, making it reasonable to assume that all other points in the vicinity will have lower levels than those measured.

  • Monitoring a specific point: installation directly at that point; all radiation reaching that point from every direction is recorded. Examples of special interest points include day-care centres, schools, hospitals, public buildings or offices, industrial facilities, airports, military posts, etc.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions

MonitEM devices have an environmental protection rating of IP 66, the highest in its class. A protection rating of IP 66 is indispensable for EMF monitors that must remain permanently outdoors, exposed to storms and air-borne particles. That high degree of protection ensures that the equipment remains in good working condition for years, reducing maintenance costs, and providing greater reliability.

monitem resistente 1monitem resistente 2monitem resistente 3bmonitem resistente 4

Continuous EMF monitoring of exposure levels

Reference customers

China Telecom
Israel Env Office
MonitEM ITU-T K.83

ITU-T K.83 Recommendation

Monitoring of electromagnetic field levels.

The ITU-T K.83 Recommendation provides guidelines for taking long-term measurements for control of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in selected areas of public interest, in order to show that those fields are under control and remain with the established limits. The aim of that Recommendation is provide the general public with clear and easily accessible information on electromagnetic fields set out in the form of the results of continuous measurement.


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