WE DID IT AGAIN (1000 MHz in the H field)

Wavecontrol presents the new WPH1000 high frequency magnetic field (H) probe for 30 to 1000 MHz. After recently climbing to 40 GHz in the E field with the WPF40 probe, we have now gone a step higher, this time in the H field, to 1000 MHz.

Wavecontrol’s range of H field probes formerly reached 60 MHz with the WPH60 model. With the new WPH1000 model, we have made a substantial leap to 1000 MHz.

This probe is especially useful under near field conditions, where the H field must be measured along with the E field.

Its main applications are found in the areas of telecommunications (mainly radio broadcasting), defence, industry (e.g. induction heating) and research centres.

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