SMP3 Streamer: Flexible Solution for Automotive Testing

SMP3 Streamer: Flexible Solution for Automotive Testing

As there is increased need for electric vehicles to combat pollution and drive decarbonization efforts, concerns have emerged regarding the potential health risks associated with electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure generated by automotive vehicles and its components.

Due to the higher currents emitted by these electrical and electronic components, drivers and passengers are increasingly exposed to significant low-frequency magnetic fields. To address these concerns, international organizations and car manufacturers have established standards to ensure compliance with EMC safety regulations.

Wavecontrol introduced the Streamer solution to facilitate comprehensive automotive EMF testing, covering frequencies up to 400 kHz and offering various features making it the most comprehensive choice for automotive EMF testing and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Field Measurement: Covers a wide frequency range for LF automotive testing applications from 1 Hz to 400 kHz.
  • Simultaneous Time and Frequency Domain Measurements: Enables users to capture data in both domains simultaneously.
  • Predefined Setup for Standards: Offers predefined setups for different standards settings, streamlining the testing process.
  • Designed for Numerous Standards: Complies with various automotive standards such as IEC 62764, GB/T 37130, MBN 10284-2, TSC 7048G, and similar manufacturer standards.
  • Independent Limits Selection: Allows users to set independent limits for time and frequency domains.
  • User-Defined Exposure Limits: Allows users to define exposure limits according to specific requirements.
  • High Frequency Resolution: Achieves a frequency resolution of 1 Hz across the entire band. The resolution steps are also adjustable by the user.
  • Adjustable Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): Users can customize RBW in specific frequency bands.
  • Real-time FFT Measurements: Conduct FFT measurements in real-time with results stored internally, eliminating the need for an external equipment.
  • Speed Graph Integration: Utilizes the GPS of the SMP3 meter to generate speed graphs, enhancing data visualization.
  • Multiple System Compatibility: Supports simultaneous measurement with up to 7 SMP3 devices and WP-series probes.
  • Data Export: Easily export data to Excel and CSV reports, including sections for both time and frequency domain results. All frequency data, including maximum and minimum values, are saved in the report.
  • Advanced Testing Capabilities: Tailored to meet the stringent testing requirements of the automotive industry.
  • Flexible and Upgradable: Offers flexibility for future upgrades and enhancements to include new functions, standards settings and limits.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Provides a cost-effective solution for automotive EMF testing needs. Users benefit from continuous updates at no additional cost.


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