New feature about Streamer – Temporal graph

New feature about Streamer – Temporal graph

The new SMP3-Streamer Option from Wavecontrol is designed to perform testing for human exposure according to automotive standards. This system complies with GB T/37130 standard as well as other standards by OEM car manufacturers.

The main benefit of this system remains intact:

  • Simultaneous time domain and frequency domain measurements
  • Real time results with no postprocessing required.
  • Selectable and independent limits for time and frequency measurements
  • Multiple probes measurement simultaneously, with real time results on screen
  • Easy export to excel format.
  • Firmware & Software updates with new capabilities at no cost.

Wavecontrol Streamer software is in constant evolution following comments from our customers in the automotive sector. One new improvement made in the new version 1.6 is the temporal domain graph.

Time domain graph

The software now allows the user to enable or disable the time domain graph through a configuration menu. This graph is shown in % with respect to the limit selected for the time domain measurements. The total values are still shown on top of the screen for real time results (Figure 1).

image smp3 streamerFigure 1: FFT and Time domain graphs simultaneous with FFT measurement.

 Some other improvements related to the time domain graph include:

  • The FFT and time domain graphs can be independently zoomed.
  • Time domain graph can be exported to the Excel report.

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