Wavecontrol's LabCal reaches 6,000 calibrations

Wavecontrol has the honour of celebrating 6,000 field probe calibrations performed by LabCal, our own calibration lab.

Correct calibration is the basic principle of any professional measuring instrument, so it is necessary to carry out regular calibrations.

We are aware of how important the measurement reliability of customers' equipment is, so we make LabCal available to you.

LabCal offers ISO 17025 calibrations accredited by ENAC/ILAC with the best prices and delivery terms in the market.

We also remind you that we offer discounts of 10-15% if you contract your calibrations in advance. Remember that we advise calibrating our probes every two years. Contact us to find out more.

We also carry out calibrations of other brands' probes! Tell us the brand and model to be calibrated and find out the discount applicable.

LabCal services

LabCal specialises in calibrating E field and H field probes. It offers calibration services for both Wavecontrol probes and those of other brands in a range from static field (0 Hz) to 40 GHz.

Electric Field:

  • From 10 Hz to 40 GHz

Magnetic Field:

  • 0 Hz (static field) and 10 Hz to 1 GHz


In a professional setting, it is a requirement of any control body for the measuring equipment used to have current, ISO 17025-accredited calibration. Wavecontrol ensures accredited calibration for any of the existing sectors: telecommunications, laboratories, energy, industry, railways, electromedicine, aeronautics and defence, etc.

ENAC accreditation

Wavecontrol's calibrations, which are accredited by ENAC, are recognised in the majority of countries around the world through ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) mutual recognition agreements.

ILAC country map

ILAC country map

⟶ Interested in LabCal? Need to carry out a calibration? Please contact usWe will be delighted to answer any questions.