WaveMon RF-60. New H-Field Sensor and double tap test function

Work safer and better with the new WaveMon RF-60 features!

The WaveMon RF-60 Personal RF Monitor includes a new isotropic H-Field sensor which detects frequencies up to 1 GHz. Thanks to this improvement, the WaveMon RF-60 is suitable for every RF application, including those in the near field.

Another new feature is the double tap test function. The WaveMon vibrates to indicate that it is turned on and working correctly and is ready to detect electromagnetic fields without having to visually consult the LED display or remove it from its cradle. The double tap test function will be available for any WaveMon with the next firmware update, which is due soon. We'll keep you posted!

As well as these new functions, the WaveMon RF-60 retains the features which make it unique on the market:

  • selection between limits for workers and for the general public both in E and F fields
  • dynamic range of up to 1000% which guarantees accurate readings in the event of an increase in levels of electromagnetic fields over acceptable limits, in instant and average values!

New accessories

These new features come with new accessories which make using the WaveMon easier and guarantee RF safety in the workplace.



Now the WaveMon can be mounted on the WaveStick, a telescopic extension from 19 to 73 cm, which allows us to get the device close to EMF sources safely.


WaveMon Safety Cable:

The WaveMon Safety Cable keeps the device connected to its harness using an elastic spiral cable, allowing freedom of movement to detach the WaveMon from its cradle to take EMF readings close to their source.


WaveMon Safety Cable


⟶ For more information about the WaveMon, please contact usWe will be delighted to answer any questions and to provide a demonstration.