WaveMon RF, the RF Personal Meter that fully complies with ITU-T K.145

WaveMon RF, the RF Personal Meter that fully complies with ITU-T K.145

Wavecontrol’s WaveMon RF-8 and RF-60 exposimeters fully comply with the International Telecommunication Union’s new ITU-T K.145 norm:

“Assessment and management of compliance with radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure limits for workers at radiocommunication sites and facilities”.

At facilities such as antenna towers, laboratories, RF equipment manufacturing plants, etc., workers may find themselves exposed to considerable electromagnetic fields. It is therefore recommendable for them to carry personal monitors that can warn them when they are exposed to very high levels of radiation. RF workers must be provided with equipment that complies with what is required to work safely at each of these different scenarios.

wavemon ref will secure your rf safety at work

The new ITU-T K.145 Recommendation

As well as identifying groups of workers and limits of exposure, and providing advice and good practices, the new ITU-T K.145 Recommendation specifies the characteristics that an RF exposure meter must have in order to be efficient:

  • Small and easy to operate and carry
  • Isotropic measurement
  • Incorporation of material that absorbs RF and thereby reduces the body effect
  • Can be used on different parts of the body
  • Immune to network frequencies (50/60 Hz), preventing false alarms
  • Alarms based on instant and average values
  • Weighted response
  • In near field, possibility of evaluating E and H fields
  • Other useful features: equipped with GPS and datalogger

The Wavecontrol WaveMon RF complies with all these recommendations and also includes other features and accessories that make it even more efficient and help to prevent the risk of overexposure to electromagnetic fields.

WaveMon RF-8 and RF-60

The WaveMon RF-8 and RF-60 exposimeters help RF workers to remain safe at all times. These personal monitors are equipped with the most advanced technology for monitoring electromagnetic fields as part of telecommunications systems of the latest generation:

  • E and H-field evaluation
  • Shaped response to the limit (%)
  • For use by workers and the general public
  • Isotropic and RMS response
  • Alarms for instant and average values
  • 30 kV/m immunity at network power frequencies (50/60 Hz)

WaveMon devices offer users a high level of personalization, making them ideal for any situation.

The user can effectively select the alarm level, which may be set for either workers or the general public. It is also possible to configure the type of alarm (based on instant or average values), level of the alarm (as a % of the maximum value) and type of warning (sound, vibration, etc.)

These exposimeters are also equipped with a GPS, for the perfect positioning of exterior structures, and an altimeter, for greater precision on telecommunications towers.

WaveMon devices also come equipped with PC software which makes it possible to download stored data for subsequent analysis and filing.

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The International Telecommunication Union

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is an organism which belongs to the United Nations. It was founded in 1865 and its mission is to supervise the international connectivity of communications networks.

The ITU-T, which is the sector dedicated to the normalization of telecommunications, presents recommendations based on the work of study groups. ITU-T Study Group 5 (SG5) - which is responsible for the natural environment, climate change and the circular economy – has the task of studying and making recommendations about human exposure to electromagnetic radiofrequency fields.


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