New firmware available for the SMP2. Up to 24-hour measurements. Range up to 60 GHz!

The SMP2 introduces energy efficiency improvements and increases its measurement capabilities with the new firmware update.

The new Firmware 1.70 can be installed in the SMP2 through the SMP2 Reader 1.9.0 update. This is completely free of charge for Wavecontrol customers and includes the following new features:

    • New low power mode for logging interval of 1, 2 or 6 minutes to achieve 24 hours measurement even with the low frequency probe as WP400 and WP400-3! This option is available for all probes and reduce consumption by deactivating the probe between each measurement interval.

    • Support of the new high frequency probe WPF60: 1 MHz – 60 GHz!

    • Support the new revision of the probe WPF40 starting from 1 MHz instead of 20 MHz

    • Broadband probes measuring with respect to a limit can display the results either in field strength or power density. Many norms define limits in power density, it’s easier for users to assess compliance.
      Faster data saving and screen refreshment improvement.

The software can be downloaded from the Wavecontrol intranet. Once the SMP2 Reader 1.9.0 is installed, the SMP2 will display a notification to update to the new Firmware 1.70.

Download the new Firmware 1.70 on Wavecontrol’s intranet.

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