New WaveMon RF-60, ready for next-generation networks up to 60 GHz

The WaveMon RF-60, the new personal monitor of the WaveMon family, alerts the user of high frequency electromagnetic fields up to 60 GHz, range that includes the next-generations 5G networks worldwide.

The WaveMon RF-60 exposimeter can trigger an E-field overexposure alarm according to the international limits, with a new feature: it now includes the limits not only for workers, but also for the general public in the standards ICNIRP, FCC and EU Directive 2013/35.

WaveMon news RF 60

The design of the new WaveMon presents substantial improvements, such as the battery level display with blue LEDs and the increased charging efficiency through the USB port.

The WaveMon software has also been updated. Now, the log charts can be easily copied to the clipboard and the data log can be quickly exported with default file names. Finally, the alarm sensitivity of the WaveMon can be set to 10%, improving the 25% allowed until now.

Moreover, the WaveMon RF-60 has the same advantages of the rest of the WaveMon family: GPS and altimeter to map the measurements, lightweight, portable, easily wearable on the arm or in the harness, and a huge battery autonomy.

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