WaveMon wins ARCoP 2019 Innovation Award in Belgium

The WaveMon, exposimeter developed by Wavecontrol, has been awarded with the Innovation Award at the ARCoP 2019, a renowned event in the area of occupational safety, held in Belgium from 19 to 21 November.

The WaveMon is a body-worn device based on a multiple alarm system to warn the worker about potentially harmful electromagnetic fields.

Featuring isotropic sensors, RMS detection, datalogger, weighted response to international standards and GPS and altimeter, the WaveMon is the most complete personal monitor in the market.

The WaveMon is available in the following models, ranging from low (DC) to high frequencies (up to 40 GHz):

- WaveMon LF-400 (DC - 400 kHz, H Field)

- WaveMon RF-8 (Up to 8 GHz, E/H Field)

- WaveMon RF-40 (Up to 40 GHz, E Field)

The Innovation Award is given annually by ARCoP (Royal Association of Prevention Consultants, Belgium). In addition, The WaveMon received two awards last year: the ADI-FAD 2018 award (Industrial Design Association, Fostering Arts and Design) and the SICUR 2018 award (International Security Exhibition), awarded in Madrid.

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