New firmware for your SMP2!

Wavecontrol announces the release of a new version of the firmware for the SMP2, with some very important new features:

    • When saving a measurement, the device remembers the last measurement name, so the user can change it rather than having to write it again.


    • The SMP2 displays a warning when the calibration age of the probe being used is nearing the recommended 2-year term, so the user can begin the procedure for recalibration (


    • The device reports the length of time that the MaxHold function of the FFT has been activated. This is useful when you want to establish the maximum exposure over the full work cycle of a machine or process, since the MaxHold needs to last for as long as or longer than that cycle.


    • Previously, the MaxHold function could only be reset quickly from the device (SMP2). Now it can also be reset quickly remotely from the SMP2 Reader PC software.


    • Several stability improvements and bugs fixes.


The new SMP2 Reader software, which includes the new 1.50 firmware and the 0.12 expansion board, automatically offers the possibility of updating devices of earlier versions. They can also be updated manually through the Update option on the Tools menu.

⟶ Download the new firmware on Wavecontrol’s intranet.

⟶ Don’t have an SMP2? Ask for information or a demo.

⟶ If you need help to update your device, please contact us.