WaveMon RF-40 - 5G ready!

The Wavecontrol family keeps growing. We present the WaveMon RF-40, a RF personal monitor up to 40 GHz, ready for future 5G bands!

This new version comes with the same amazing features as its 8 GHz brother, the WaveMon RF-8: RMS isotropic sensors, shaped response to each specific limit (ICNIRP, Directiva Europea 2013/35/UE, FCC/IEEE, SC6, NATO, etc.), audible, visible and vibratory alarms, datalogger, more than 200 hours autonomy with rechargeable batteries, and last but not least, its exclusive GPS and altimeter.

There’s no more complete personal monitoring device in the market. Because your safety is our main goal.

You can get more information about the monitor by clicking here.